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MIMSP is a medical and scientific market research and marketing service.

Our web based reference, educational and survey services are received by over 500,000 doctors and scientists around the world.

Surveys and email campaigns are conducted in partnership with the healthcare industry and some of the largest and most respected market research organisations, publishers and conference organisers in the world.

Panel members are chosen to participate in activities relating to clinical and scientific matters only. Activities vary considerably in nature and length, but are typically web-based and range from brief 10 to 15 minute surveys through to 6 month activities.

Each opportunity to participate in market research enables our panel members to make their own contribution to healthcare and scientific research. Our members normally receive a payment or ‘honoraria’ for the time taken to complete each activity.

The amount of honoraria paid is based upon the type and length of activity. The amount is stated on each invitation and upon completion is paid direct by bank credit.

As a panel member, participation in survey activities is not compulsory however we aim to have an exclusive and effective panel and therefore hope that in joining, panel members will respond to activities as often as possible.

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