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Customised Lists

It’s very likely that within our database of specialists we will have individuals who will be interested in your product or promotion. Complete our enquiry form and let us start searching for you. If we can’t help, you will be told straight away. And, however many subjects we research, there’s no charge for the service, just our standard campaign cost.

Examples of customised lists:

  • conduct a survey of interest to surgeons from different fields of medicine
  • contact biology/life science researchers conducting research into the areas covered by your specialist analytical services and laboratory products
  • reach doctors, scientists and researchers regarding a “call for papers” or a journal subscription drive
  • prepare a selection for a conference on, for example, global warming to reach ecologists, environmentalists, atmospheric scientists and environmental engineers
  • promote a specialist web portal and need a one-stop source of data.

Please remember to provide as much information as possible e.g. a link to the product/service on your website, list of titles, html or pdf of your advert, word document, etc — whatever you have to hand that best illustrates the nature of your promotion.

Library Lists

We are pleased to recommend the specialists in this field, the European Database of Libraries Ltd. Their service can promote your products and services exclusively to libraries.

You will have targeted access to 30,000 prominent academic, industrial, commercial, government and major public reference libraries in Britain and western Europe.